Washing Songs

Washing Songs EP | 2003

“This is vintage shoe-gaze the way it was meant to be. Washing Songs…is like a watercolor painting of a road trip through a sprawling desert terrain — set to sound and motion and captured with the streamlined precision of time-lapse photography. Reverb-soaked vocals hover like voluminous thunderclouds, producing ambient shadows and textures with each movement. Arpeggiated guitars and austere piano runs blur together like broken white lines on an interstate, while laid-back rhythms invoke the repetitive cadence of a humming motor. If you’re all about staring at your shoes, this is where the rubber meets the road.”Denver Westword | Jan. 8, 2004
  1. That Look
  2. Bed Turned Down
  3. Ex Adult
  4. Washing Song
Production Notes
  • All songs composed and performed by Peter Bo Rappmund and Grant Hazard Outerbridge
  • Engineered and recorded by Tony at Global Sound
  • Produced by Peter Bo Rappmund
  • Mastered by Tom at Velvet Studios