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Mourir C’est Facile | 2005

“The Very Hush Hush’s first full length, Mourir C’est Facile (Dying is Easy), is insidiously visceral music which leaves behind nothing concrete: no melodies, no catchy turn of phrase. Instead, after carrying you along as if on waves, it deposits you on shore with vague impressions which prevent you from standing on firmer ground. It is like the hour after waking when you try to grasp at the slippery edges of dreams you had considered so vivid. Listening to Mourir C’est Facile is like being in a thick fog or a heavy snow, the same sort of loaded, eerie quiet where things seem utterly still and yet unrelentingly moving.”Kevchino | Jan. 13, 2006
  1. Forever
  2. Slow Destroyer
  3. Eyes Become Rooms
  4. Every Little
  5. The City Light
  6. The Outskirts
  7. Mourir C’est Facile
  8. Love, Like Love
  9. Green
  10. Coup de Main
Production Notes
  • All songs composed and performed by Peter Bo Rappmund and Grant Hazard Outerbridge
  • Additional percussion composition by Lucas Andrew Salg
  • Engineered and recorded by Wil at Velvet Studios
  • Produced by Peter Bo Rappmund
  • Mastered by Matt Sandoski at Airshow Mastering