Evil Milk

Evil Milk | 2007

“I’ve been imagining Oakland’s The Very Hush Hush working within a very large and lonely spaceship filled with buzzing monitors and gauze-like cobwebs as the songs on Evil Milk move in and out of the silent maze of corridors… Discordant soundscapes give way to a sad distant piano. Transmissions are cut short. Messages are mumbled and garbled beyond coherence. Uplifting melodies point to the sun while sparks shoot from the wall just in front of you… It’s a beautiful album for staring at the stars (even if those stars may be just glow in the dark plastic on your bedroom ceiling).”Erasing Clouds | March 1, 2008
  1. Giant Wheel of Light
  2. Soul Projector
  3. Backscatter
  4. Wisteria Hand
  5. Video
  6. Anathema
  7. Milk of the Light
  8. Positive Index
  9. Simulation
  10. White Rain
  11. Eyes Become Suns
  12. Exploding Prince
  13. Fog Head
  14. Soul Thievery
  15. Lichen
  16. Maximillion
  17. Gilded
Production Notes
  • All songs composed and performed by Peter Bo Rappmund and Grant Hazard Outerbridge
  • Engineered, recorded, and produced by Peter Bo Rappmund at Light Brigade
  • Mastered by JJ at Golden Mastering